• What is Rooster?

  • What are the Rooster community values and why have them?

  • Where did Rooster start? Can I see it in action?

  • How does Rooster work?

  • What posts are allowed on Rooster?

  • What are thank you notes?

  • Are there email notifications? To who? When?

  • What is the Rooster family tree and why build it?

  • Where can I find some materials to help spread the word to people?

  • How can I bring Rooster to my hometown?

  • How can I contact you?

  • Can others see my address?

  • Who's behind Rooster?

  • Are you hiring?

  • What can I post on Rooster?

  • What can't I post on Rooster?

  • Borrowing and Lending on Rooster

  • Asking for free stuff on Rooster

  • Connecting with others on Rooster

  • Exchanging skills & services on Rooster

  • Asking for a helping hand on Rooster

  • Volunteers wanted / offered

  • Finding Advice & recommendations on Rooster

  • What is Rooster’s posting etiquette?

  • Volunteering a skill or a service

  • Am I allowed to post the same thing twice?

  • Do you review all posts?

  • How long before my post is approved?

  • How can I mark my post as resolved?

  • Who should receive a thank you note?

  • How to write a great thank you note?

  • Why is the minimum 2 emails per week?

  • Does Rooster verify member identities?

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